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Freedom Party of Ontario president Robert Metz calls into the “London Today” program hosted by Andy Oudman weekday mornings on 1290 AM CJBK. Although he initiall called-in to make a comment about the topic of discussion – the labour movement – the show decides to convert Bob’s role from caller to panelist, midstream.

Metz turns the focus of the debate from one about labour and jobs to the real issue: capitalism and freedom.

Listen to the entire 1 hour and 6 minute discussion (absent commercials). Metz calls in at approximately the 28:52 minute mark:

or listen just to an excerpt from it, being Metz’ portion of the show:

Everything Metz was saying on the air was also being played live on speakers at the Labour Day Picnic event in London, Ontario (at Thames Park, with about 2500 people attending). Metz was thereby given an opportunity to address the members of the various unions themselves, directly. This one’s a keeper on the labour movement, not just because of what is mentioned above, but also because of the cast of characters and callers whose voices appeared on the show (heard only in the full version):

(1) Sid Ryan, who put the issue of capitalism on the table.

(2) Kevin, provides a first-hand experience of what labour politics does to business.

(3) Mike, offers a ‘give us a share’ argument, then says: “Capitalism is not going to work because there’s no end to the greed of the big money boys…”

(4) Currie, a past union member who “enjoys capitalism and thinks it’s a wonderful thing” and accuses Sid Ryan of being stupid.

(5) Mark, a drive-by caller, who asserts that “free trade and corporate greed are the problem.”

(6) Patti Dalton, President of the London Labour Council, who lists among ‘labour’s contribution to society’ the following: (a) decent wages; (b) good standard of living; (c) pensions; (d) anti-harassment laws; (e) the minimum wage; (f) fighting austerity and doubling CPP contributions; and (g) increase corporate taxes.

(7) ‘Garrish‘, a regular caller who suggested that “this capitalist system has been replaced by greedyism,” goes on to say that ‘We need government to control the pay of corporate executives.

(8) Allan, who blames the bankruptcy of Detroit on the failure of the city to fund its pensions. He thinks “we need unions” to prevent the proverbial ‘race to the bottom’. He admits to having no solution, at which point Andy raises the name of ‘Bob Metz.’

(9) Walter, who argues for unions, and actually blames the victim (the first caller) for his inability to hire more people. The caller is a union supporter to the core: capitalism is not working for the working man, he says.

(10) Tony, a caller who recognizes that unions are ‘the gang of thugs who run them,’ …who like Tony Soprano run unions for their own political motives.

It is after Tony’s call that Metz calls in with the question: “What capitalist system are they talking about?”. Metz proceeds to address many of the arguments he had heard earlier in the program. Andy then connects Metz with the treasurer of the London Labour Council, Mike Parkinson. Their conversation/debate lasted to the end of the show. During the exchange between Metz and Parkinson, Freedom Party of Ontario officer Gord Mood calls-in.

Too hot to miss!

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Radio Program: London Today
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Aired: September 2, 2013
Radio Station: CJBK 1290 AM – London, Ontario
Recorded: September 2, 2013

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