Dec 031997

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In this episode of Left, Right, and Center, host Jim Chapman asks the panelists about the Latimer case (the father killed his disabled daughter, and the question was whether it was murder or some form of legal euthanasia) and a judge’s finding on constitutional grounds that Latimer would not be sentenced pursuant to a mandatory minimum sentence set out by statute; and about third party liability.

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ABOUT LRC: Almost every week during the period September 10, 1997 through June 23, 2004, Freedom Party president Robert Metz participated in radio 1290 AM CJBK’s “Left, Right, and Center” program. Show host Jim Chapman represented the “center” viewpoint, and Metz occupied the “right” (which is not to say “right wing”) viewpoint. A range of London-area personalities represented the “left”, including Jeff Schlemmer and former Ontario Solicitor General Marion Boyd. When Metz could not be present, other Freedom Party personalities typically assumed the “right” viewpoint, including Robert Vaughan, Lloyd Walker, and Danielle Metz.

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Radio Program: Left, Right and Center
Host: Jim Chapman
Panelists: Robert Metz (president, Freedom Party), Jeff Schlemmer (Neighbourhood Legal Services)
Radio Station: 1290AM CJBK, London, Ontario
Aired: December 3, 1997
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