Mar 311988

1988-03-31.malcolm-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:
On March 31, 1988, voters in the riding of London North went to the polls in a by-election. Barry Malcolm was Freedom Party of Ontario’s candidate. In this polling-day news report, the four candidates who lived in the riding (two others did not) were shown casting their ballots for themselves





Video Details:

Television Program: TV London News
Anchor: Darryl McInnis
Reporter: John Weese (SP?)
Featuring: Barry Malcolm (candidate, Freedom Party of Ontario), Diane Whiteside (NDP candidate), Dianne Cunningham (Progressive Coservative candidate), Elaine Pensa (Liberal candidate)
Recorded: March 31, 1988
Aired: March 31, 1988
Color/BW: Full colour