Jan 011987

FP Action Campaign Take Off in Ontario, Aurora, Newmarket, Hamilton, Burlington, Metro Toronto, Mississauga, London, St. Thomas, Keswick, Sarnia; (Openers) Metz discusses plans for 1987, Censorship Alert campaign; An Experience to Remember, Michael Emerling (Essence of Political Persuasion), Photos from FP Workshop – October 1986; BIA Campaign Mushrooms Into Major Effort, Merchants meet ant-BIA Group – excerpt (Hamilton Spectator); FREEDOM Party goes to the marketplace to support Sunday Choice, Marc Emery on CFPL-TV, Sunday Shopping, Retail Business Holidays Act; Scores of Charges Laid Over Sunday Shopping (Globe & Mail), Group Stages Blitz for Sunday Choice (Toronto Sun), Grocery Stores Continue to Defy Closing Law (St. Thomas Times Journal); Freedom Party Newspaper Campaign; Election 1987, election call expected in Spring; List of FP Publications..


Document Details:

Document: Freedom Flyer (Issue #9)
Document Dated: January, 1987
Publisher: Freedom Party of Ontario
Editor: Robert Metz
Layout and Design: Marc Emery
Document Type: Party Newsletter
Number of Pages: 16
Page dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″
Color/BW: Full colour

Internet Quick Download format: .pdf (searchable image); size: 10.5 MB; URL: https://freedomparty.on.ca/freedomflyer/1987-01-xx.freedom-flyer-09.internet-quick-download.pdf

Archive format: .pdf (searchable exact); size: 180.3 MB; URL: https://freedomparty.on.ca/freedomflyer/1987-01-xx.freedom-flyer-09.pdf