Oct 091984

After Freedom Party distributed – to 20,000 Londoners – a letter from Marc Emery opposing taxpayer funding for London City council’s bid to host the 1991 Pan Am Games, Emery prepared a second document, which he titled “The London Citizens’ Guide to the Tax-Paid 1991 Pan-Am Games Bid”. Like the letter that preceded it, the second publication again was distributed by Freedom Party beginning on October 9, 1984. In the guide, Emery described v. 1 of the guide as follows:



This is the second 1991 Pan-Am bid information package that I’ve prepared for my neighbours in London. Its purpose? To illustrate and voice my strong disagreement with the principle of tax dollars being used to host the event in London. To this end, I’ve examined city hall’s record of intervention in the realm of business, art, and culture, while always bearing in mind the many other projects city council is considering — or has already committed itself to.

NOTE: A second, slightly revised version of the “The London Citizens’ Guide to the Tax-Paid 1991 Pan-Am Games Bid” booklet was printed and distribution of that version started on October 17, 1984. Notably, whereas the first had been a City Lights bookstore public service (City Lights was Emery’s bookstore), the second version was billed a public service of both the bookstore and the newly created (by Freedom Party) No-Tax for Pan-Am Committed, chaired by Freedom Party president Robert Metz. Both versions are available in this archive. Continue reading »

Aug 011984

Openers: Money, Effort, Dedication; From the President; Talkin’ Philosophy; Freedom Party only Political Party Supporting Freedom of Speech; Our Continuing Battle Against Censorship; “Freedom Party praises AMI’s handling of hospital” (newspaper coverage); Planning and Preparation for Municipal Elections (Part 3); What Price Freedom? What Cost the Lack of It? Continue reading »

Aug 011984

1984-02-27.emery-thumbAUDIO – DESCRIPTION:

In 1984, the leftist London Union of Unemployed Workers (LUUW), led by activist John Clarke, performed a sit-in at the office of London Mayor Al Gleeson, to bring attention to the financial situation of two London mothers. In this recording, radio host Wayne Maclean had Clarke and London alderman Joe Fontana on the show as guests to discuss the LUUWs activities. Marc Emery, then Freedom Party of Ontario’s Action Director, calls into the show in response to Maclean’s comment that the ease with which one can get welfare makes us an “enlightened society”. Emery asserts that most of ones problems are the result of the decisions one has made. He takes particular issue with Maclean’s comment that the threat of government enforcement of tax laws is “just a perception”.

You can listen to the entire 1 hour and 35 minute broadcast. Emery calls in at approximately the 1 hour, 26 seconds mark:

or listen just to an excerpt from it, being Emery’s call into the show:

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Jul 301984

In the summer of 1984, Freedom Party Action Director Marc Emery wrote a letter to the editor of the London Free Press opposing taxpayer funding for London, Ontario’s City council’s bid for the 1991 Pan Am Games. It was so heavily edited by the paper, that Emery decided to print 20,000 copies of a letter. With Freedom Party co-ordinating 15 volunteers, the letter was delivered door-to-door to Londoners. It would mark the beginning of a Freedom Party campaign that, in June of 1985, met with success.

Freedom Party kept track of responses to the letter and put together a list of main talking points for use during interviews or call-ins to talk radio programs about the subject.
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