Sep 011995

“Body of Knowledge” by Cathy Frampton
“Drawing the Line: Property Rights and the Aboriginal Question” by Robert Metz
“In Defence of Discomfort” by Doreen Kimura
“Multiculturalism Undermines Values” by Dick Field
“Cannadabis: A History of Cannabis Prohibition in Canada” by Dana Larsen & Marc Emery
“The Second Carrot” by Murray Hopper Continue reading »

Jun 011995

During the Ontario general election of 1995, CFPL-TV, in London, Ontario, interviewed the leaders of Ontario’s registered political parties. At that time, Freedom Party of Ontario’s leader was Jack Plant. In this fast-paced interview, Plant is asked about the party’s 1995 election platform, including its position on voting, Freedom Party’s proposal for a Taxpayer Protection Act, “social assistance”, health care, Ontario’s Human Rights Commission, and choice in education. Continue reading »

Dec 011994

His Party’s Over. Ours Is Just Beginning…Human Rights Commission upset when Board of Inquiry finds no evidence to support racism complaint against London landlord; Vaughan elected to London school board; Diane Francis spotlights Freedom Party’s ‘Dutch clock auction’ approach to cutting welfare costs; Gordon Domm addresses FP audience, refuses to end battle over Homolka trial ban; Jack Plant – Taking the Lead; Breaking the mindset of more government as a solution to social problems; and more Freedom Briefs! Continue reading »

May 011990

“No Fair!” Says Fp Leader Robert Metz About Taxation; “Of The People, By The People, and For the People” – Democracy Reconsidered; Focus on the Environment – Fp Leader Robert Metz Participates in Media Forum On the Environment; Reforming Canada’s election laws; democracy and freedom; Sunday shopping; Fp’s Barry Fitzgerald Wins Battle to Force City of Welland to Clean Up the Welland River; Fraser Institute’s Senior Economist, Dr. Walter Block, Presents Fp Members And Supporters With A Reconciliation of Economics And The Environment; What Do We Owe The Poor?; No-fault insurance; Freedom 200 pins. Continue reading »

Sep 011986

1985-fpo-radio-thumbAUDIO – DESCRIPTION:
These two recordings were found, back to back, on a cassette tape, sandwiched between a recording dated August 13, 1986, and another dated September 8, 1986. Only the two excerpts were recorded, so we cannot know the specific topic being discussed, but it appears the question under discussion was whether Canada should be open to immigration. Freedom Party member Gord Mood and Freedom Party president Robert Metz each given an emphatic “yes”, and point out that a lot of the racism and anti-immigration sentiment is actually caused by bad government policy in respect of social programs.


Gord Mood Excerpt

Robert Metz Excerpt
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