Jan 122017


On January 12, 2017, on London At Large (1290 AM CJBK, London, Ontario), Robert Metz, president and CFO of Freedom Party of Ontario, was interviewed by host Al Coombs about Ontario provincial Bill 2 (the Election Finances Statute Law Amendment Act, 2016), which simultaneously gives the Liberal, Progressive Conservative, NDP, and Green Parties millions of taxpayer dollars, annually, while imposing a barrier to the private funding of political parties (specifically, lowering the maximum contribution to $1,200 per annum, down from over $9,000.00 per annum).

Listen to the interview:

Audio Details:

Radio Program: London At Large
Host: Al Coombs
Guest: Robert Metz
Aired: January 12, 2017
Radio Station: 1290 AM CJBK, London, Ontario
Recorded: January 12, 2017
File Format: MP3

URL: https://freedomparty.on.ca/archive/audio/2017-01-12.CJBKam1290-AlCoombs-LondonAtLarge-RMetz-Bill2.mp3