Dec 092016


At 7:30 AM, on The All New Morning Show (1290 AM CJBK, London, Ontario), Robert Metz, president, Freedom Party of Ontario, was interviewed about the provincial auditor’s report; the role of government; the importance of the price system in the electricity system; the government’s fire-sale of Hydro One; the need to introduce competition, from the private sector, in health care and insurance; the costliness of nuclear power; the need for the government to quit fighting climate change; socialism; the pointlessness of a carbon tax; the constancy of climate change and Man’s inability to control it; and the carbon-based attempt to redistribute wealth around the world. These recordings include the lead-up to the interview, and a brief post-interview discussion about the interview, with CJBK host Andy Oudman.

Listen to the interview:

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PREAMBLE: (7 min., 26 sec. – 8.9 Mb)

THE INTERVIEW WITH R METZ: (11 min., 9 sec. – 13.4 Mb)

POSTSCRIPT with ANDY OUDMAN: (1 min., 25 sec. – 1.7 Mb)

COMPLETE (Preamble, Interview, Postscript): (20 min. – 24.0 Mb)

Audio Details:

Radio Program: The All New Morning Show
Hosts: Ken Eastwood and Lisa Brandt
Guest: Robert Metz
Aired: December 9, 2016
Radio Station: 1290 AM CJBK, London, Ontario
Recorded: December 9, 2016
File Format: MP3