Jun 182013

“Freedom Party of Ontario is pleased to announce that Al Gretzky has been nominated its candidate for the coming provincial by-election in the riding of London West. Al Gretzky is a familiar name in London West. The uncle of Wayne Gretzky, he has been a resident of Byron for decades. Most recently an employee of Eaton’s and Sears, he is active in the community, having given his time in support of such causes as the Thames Valley Children’s Centre, the Canada Games, the Palace Theatre, and the International Free Press Society. A trusted and respected figure in the riding, 21,690 ballots (35.7% of the ballots cast) were cast in his favour when he ran as the federal Conservative Party candidate in the election of 2006 (he finished just 1,329 ballots behind then-popular Liberal incumbent Sue Barnes)…” Click here to read the full media release.