Apr 182011


This video was released to promote the party’s 2011 election plank: Eliminate Dalton McGuinty’s Pesticide Ban.

Transcript: “In 2009, Ontario’s Liberal government banned lawn and garden pesticides. [Dalton McGuinty]: ‘We’re gonna ban the sale of those cosmetic pesticides.’ The McGuinty government says you don’t need pesticides. We think Ontario doesn’t need pests. A Freedom government will eliminate the pesticide ban. Ontario will have beautiful lawns and gardens again. Freedom Party.”


Video Details:

Released: April 18, 2011
Produced by: Paul McKeever
Released on: https://www.youtube.com/fpontario
Duration: 30 seconds
Color/BW: Full colour
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9wjEIht1VE

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