Jul 012006

Freedom Party launches 2007 election platform on October 4, 2005: exactly 2 years prior to 2007 election polling day; Openers: Some Frank talk about Freedom Party and freedom; Tax Targeted (London Free Press); In-your-face billboards speak directly to Ontario voters; Freedom Party ‘mystery’ dinner excites, delights attendees; Freedom Party Kicks Off Campaign (London Free Press); Dinner attendees meet ‘Frank’ – Freedom Party’s new mascot; Who must you be to be Frank? A message from Paul McKeever, Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario; Consumption Tax Cure for Revenue Gap (a column by Paul McKeever, published in the Financial Post); Scoring Points in Battle of the Gap (Toronto Star); The Riding Where the Toughest Job is Being Right (National Post); Ontario by-elections a sobering reminder of voter and media inertia; By-elections a Gauge for McGuinty (Toronto Star); Constituency associations: every candidate needs one.

Document Details:

Document: Freedom Flyer (Issue #37)
Document Dated: July, 2006
Publisher: Freedom Party of Ontario
Editor: Robert Metz
Document Type: Party Newsletter
Number of Pages: 16
Page dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″
Color/BW: Full colour

Internet Quick Download format: .pdf (searchable image); size: 10.7 MB; URL: https://freedomparty.on.ca/freedomflyer/2006-07-xx.freedom-flyer-37.internet-quick-download.pdf

Archive format: .pdf (searchable exact); size: 163.7 MB; URL: https://freedomparty.on.ca/freedomflyer/2006-07-xx.freedom-flyer-37.pdf