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On Tuesday, April 21, 1987, Freedom Party hosted a dinner in support of Toronto furrier Paul Magder. Magder was continually charged under Ontario’s Retail Business Holiday’s Act for opening his fur store on Sundays. On April 20, 1987, CBC’s Radio Noon interviewed Freedom Party president Robert Metz about the party’s dinner, and about the party’s nature.

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Radio Program: Radio Noon
Host: John Proctor
Guest: Robert Metz
Aired: April 1997
Radio Station: CBC Radio, Toronto
Recorded: April 1997
File Format: MP3
File Size: 15.9 MB
Duration: 6 mins: 37 secs
URL: https://freedomparty.on.ca/archive/audio/tape-108.1987-04-20.cbc.metz.paul-magder-dinner.mp3