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In 1984, Ontario’s public secondary schools were government-funded (i.e., tax-funded) in all grades, but Catholic schools were government-funded only up to grade 10. Beyond grade 10, a tuition had to be paid by the parents of students attending grades 11 through 13 at a Catholic secondary school. In June of 1984, Ontario Premier Bill Davis reversed his party’s long-standing opposition to full funding for Catholic schools: he proposed funding grades 11 through 13, beginning in September of 1985 with grade 11, adding grade 12 in 1986 and grade 13 in 1987. Catholic schools – which were private – would be turned into government schools. By August 2, 1985, an Ontario provincial general election had resulted in the ouster of the PCs (for the first time in 42 years). The province now was governed by David Peterson’s Liberals.

Peterson decided to go ahead with full funding for Catholic secondary schools, starting in September 1985. So, on August 2, 1985, talk radio host Wayne McLean (AM980, London, Ontario, a.k.a. CFPL AM, a.k.a. Radio 98) invited George McLintock (Coalition for Public Schools) and Ken Regan (London and Middlesex Catholic School Board) – opponents on the issue of full funding for Catholic schools – in-studio to address the question: “Do you support full funding for Catholic schools?”. As usual, McLean took calls from his listeners. Freedom Party president Robert Metz was among them and explained that both McLintock and Regan were on the same side: the anti-freedom side.

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Radio Program: Hotline
Host: Wayne McLean
Guests: George McLintock (Coalition for Public Schools), Ken Regan (London and Middlesex Catholic School Board)
Notable caller: Robert Metz (president, Freedom Party of Ontario)
Aired: August 2, 1985
Radio Station: CFPL 980 AM, London, Ontario
Recorded: August 2, 1985
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