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At some point during 1983, Jennifer Moore of Students Against War was the guest of the Wayne McLean talk radio show on AM 980 (London, Ontario). Moore’s group had apparently been involved in some sort of poorly organized “civil disobedience”, affecting the Mayor of London. Although the group’s aims are not clear, the group apparently was anti-American, anti-nuclear weapons, and anti-NATO. Marc Emery – then publisher of the London Metrobulletin and owner/operator of City Lights bookshop – called in to get some answers.


Marc Emery excerpt:

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Radio Program: not known
Host: Wayne McLean
Guests: Jennifer Moore (Students Against War)
Radio Station: AM 980, London, Ontario
Date: December 1, 1983 (according to Lloyd Walker’s notes).
Duration: 4 minutes, 33 seconds (excerpt) / 24 minutes, 16 seconds (whole recording)
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File Size: 10.7 MB (excerpt) / 56.9 MB (whole recording)
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