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Published by later-to-be Freedom Party Action Director Marc Emery, four issues of the London Metrobulletin were published in 1983 using equipment purchased from the defunct London Tribune newspaper (formerly owned by Marc Emery, Robert Metz, and others).

Contents of the March, 1983 Issue:
February a loss on pay TV; What the Metrobulletin is; Pornography: Legality and Morality; Big Sister watching you?; Tory bankruptcy; Our glaring Charter of wrongs; ‘Lifestyle’ mag & the worship of excess’; Interview: Controller Ron Annis; “Ghandi”: The film reviewed; Escape from the Holocaust; City Lights Trivia Quiz.


Document Details:

Document: London Metrobulletin (Issue #1)
Document Dated: March 1983
Publisher: Marc Emery
Editor: Marc Emery
Document Type: Newspaper
Page dimensions: 17″ x 11.375″
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