Feb 152017


On The Tom McConnell Show (CJBK-AM 1290 London, and CKTB-AM 610 St. Catharines) Freedom Party President Robert Metz called-in to join the discussion about the taxi industry, and its attempt to promote a monopoly on transportation – a monopoly that ultimately would exclude Uber – by pretending that taxis offer a level of safety not offered by Uber. Metz is particularly critical of taxi monopoly advocate Roger Caranci, with whom he and Freedom Party have had run-ins in the past (among other things, Metz ran against Caranci in the 1999 Ontario provincial general election, in which Caranci was the Liberal candidate in the riding of London North Centre).


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Radio Program: The Tom McConnell Show
Host: Tom McConnell
Caller: Robert Metz
Aired: February 15, 2017
Radio Station: CJBK-AM 1290 and CKTB-AM 610
Recorded: February 15, 2017
File Format: MP3

Metz Excerpt: 2.9 MB – 2 mins: 23 secs – URL: https://freedomparty.on.ca/archive/audio/2017-02-15.CJBKam1290-TomMcConnell-onUBER-RMetzExcerpt.mp3

Entire Recording: 60.3 MB – 50 mins: 13 secs – URL: https://freedomparty.on.ca/archive/audio/2017-02-15.CJBKam1290-TomMcConnell-RogerCaranci-RMetz-callers-onUBER.mp3