Oct 032011

If voters elect a Freedom government on October 6, 2011:
lower prices, greater convenience, and wider selection start November 25

October 3, 2011 Toronto – Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever announced today that, if a Freedom government is elected on October 6, 2011, its proposed changes to the price and availability of beer, wine and liquors will take effect on November 25 (the biggest North American Christmas shopping day of the year, known to some – e.g., in the USA – as “Black Friday”). Those changes will include: elimination of the beer tax and wine tax; allowing convenience, grocery, and other private stores to sell wine and beer in competition with the LCBO and Beer Store; and ending the ban on the purchase and sale of products deemed by the LCBO to be politically incorrect.

“My message to Ontario’s adults today is plain, simple, and positive”, says McKeever. “Cast your vote for your Freedom Party candidate this Thursday, October 6th, and you will have lower prices, greater convenience, and wider selection in time for Christmas shopping.

“There will be no beer tax, which alone will knock as much as $5.76 off of the price of 24 beer. Private liquor, wine and beer stores will be able to open and compete with the LCBO and Beer Store. There will be no minimum price regulation for beer, wine or liquor, so competition quickly will bring the prices of beer, wine and liquor down significantly. Competition will allow smaller wine and beer producers to find shelf space for their products that currently they cannot get affordably at the LCBO or Beer Store. In addition, competition will ensure that products not sold by the LCBO for reasons of political correctness – such as Dan Aykroyd’s premium Crystal Head vodka can still be sold by the LCBO’s competitors.

“Adults will be able to purchase their wine or beer where they buy their vegetables or milk. Twenty-four hour convenience and grocery stores will be allowed to sell beer or wine even when the LCBO or Beer Store are closed, which will be of great convenience to shift workers and those short on time.

“The last vestiges of the early 20th century’s prohibition era will be swept away.”

Freedom Party is currently airing 12 election commercials on television, around the clock, which can be viewed on the party’s YouTube channel. One concerns beer and wine in convenience stores, and another concerns the repeal of the beer tax.

For further details, contact:

Paul McKeever, Leader – Freedom Party of Ontario
e-mail: pmckeever@freedomparty.on.ca