Feb 162010


On February 16, 2010, Freedom Party of Ontario president Robert Metz and Stuart Parker (co-founder, Toronto Democracy Initiative) were panelists on “On the Line” (CTS) with host Christine Williams. In this episode, the panel discusses: a white supremacist father in Manitoba who has lost custody of his children; Ottawa goes to Supreme Court of Canada to shut down Insite (Vancouver’s supervised drug injection site); Canada urges China to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions while China-made globe toy wipes Israel out of existence.



Video Details:

Television Station: CTS
Program: On the Line
Host: Christine Williams
Featuring: Robert Metz (President, Freedom Party of Ontario), Stuart Parker (co-founder, Toronto Democracy Initiative)
Aired: February 16, 2010
Duration: 60 minutes, 6 seconds
Color/BW: Full colour
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEnv3Ms_nJY