Nov 192009


On November 19, 2009, Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever, George Breckenridge (political science professor at McMaster University) and Matthew Johnson (publisher, Western Standard) were panelists on “On the Line” (CTS) with host Christine Williams. In this episode, the panel discusses: Canada’s revamped Citizenship Guide warns barbaric practices will not be tolerated; HST – economic boost or tax grab?; UN convention on the rights of the child – How is Canada fairing in terms of child poverty.



Video Details:

Television Station: CTS
Program: On the Line
Host: Christine Williams
Featuring: Paul McKeever (leader, Freedom Party of Ontario), George Breckenridge (political science professor, McMaster University), Matthew Johnson (publisher, Western Standard)
Aired: November 19, 2009
Duration: 59 minutes, 17 seconds
Color/BW: Full colour