May 182007


On May 18, 2007, Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever and Rochelle Wilner (B’nai Brith Canada) were panelists on “On the Line” with host Christine Williams. In this episode, the panel discusses: clinical psychologist says “teens lie, get over it”; Mennonite group upsets Canadians from Iran by inviting radical Iranian scholors to spiritual dialogue; former First Nations leader declares Israel a model for natives.




Video Details:

Television Station: CTS
Program: On the Line
Host: Christine Williams
Featuring: Paul McKeever (leader, Freedom Party of Ontario), Rochelle Wilner (B’nai Brith Canada)
Recorded: approx. May 17, 2007
Aired: May 18, 2007
Duration: 32 minutes, 50 seconds
Color/BW: Full colour