Nov 302001

2001-11-30.metz-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:
On November 30, 2001, Robert Metz (President, Freedom Party of Ontario) was a guest of Rhonda Live. In this episode, Metz discussed with host Rhonda Glenn a decision by Heather Reisman (head of the Chapters and Indigo bookstore chains) no longer to sell Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” in her stores. Also a guest in this episode: Manuel Prutschi (Canadian Jewish Congress).





Video Details:

Television Station: CTS
Program: Rhonda Live
Host: Rhonda Glenn (née London)
Featuring: Robert Metz (President, Freedom Party of Ontario), Manuel Prutschi (Canadian Jewish Congress)
Aired: November 30, 2001
Duration: 46 minutes, 31 seconds
Color/BW: Full colour