May 251999

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On May 25, 1999, CHRW 94.7 FM hosted an all-candidates debate for candidates in the riding of London North Centre. Freedom Party president Robert Metz was the party’s candidate in London North Centre. He was joined in the debate by candidates for the Family Coalition, Green, and NDP parties, and by the stand-in for the PC party candidate. The candidates are asked about taxation and post-secondary education funding. They are also permitted to ask one another questions, and Metz asks the PC and NDP candidates why they are committed to monopolies in health and education. The PC representative asks Metz about tax cuts and the creation of wealth.


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Host: Mike Perrara
Candidates: Robert Metz (leader, Freedom Party), Andrew Jezierski (Family Coalition Party), Jeff Culbert (Green Party), Marion Boyd (NDP), Steve Coates (campaign manager for the PC candidate, Dianne Cunningham)
Aired: May 25, 1999
Radio Station: CHRW 94.7 FM, London, Ontario
Recorded: May 25, 1999
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