Oct 011997

Evolutionary! Party leader Lloyd Walker; FP supports constitutional challenge to Canada’s drug laws; Monteith questions motives of prohibitionists; Judge rules ‘trivial’ freedoms not protected by Charter; Private meeting with Manning; Freedom of Speech under attack; APEC president Ron Leitch calls for grassroots action; Human Rights Commission is racists, says Metz; Freedom of Information ruling irrelevant in determination of information’s validity; PC’s referenda report ‘disappointing’, says Walker; ‘Nothing in it for politicians,’ says Pengelly, on welfare reform; Open-line radio show ‘Left-Right-Center’ launched on CJBK AM radio in London; Entire FP history now on line; Vaughan tests political waters. Continue reading »

Jul 011997

Document Description:
This booklet is one of four records of action published by Freedom Party of Ontario to give its members and supporters a brief overview of its activities since the party’s founding in 1984. The four records of action were as published follows:

– “Your Money’s Worth!: Freedom Party In Action! 1984-1991” (~1991)
– “On the Record!: Freedom Party In Action! 1984-1992” (~1992)
– “On the Record!: Freedom Party In Action! 1984-1994” (April, 1995)
– “On the Record!: Freedom Party In Action! 1984-1997” (July, 1997) Continue reading »

May 011997

“Second Wind” by Lloyd Walker and Robert Metz
“Drugs Should be Legalized” by Ray Monteith
“The Blessings of Saving Under Free Enterprise” by Mark Callen and Professor Walter Block
“Bottom Rung” by Elizabeth Larson and Professor Walter Block
“The Evils of Rent Control” by Gene McDonough and Professor Walter Block Continue reading »