Sep 011996

“Free Riders: Should Star Trek Be Regulated as a Monopoly?” by Gary North
“The Candle Makers” by Theresa Amalfitano & Professor Walter Block
“The Joy of Learning” being “How Children Develop Passive Minds (Part 3 of 3): An active mind” by R.N. Whitehead, Ph.D.
“Credibility Gap” by William Frampton
“Leading Questions” by Robert Metz Continue reading »

May 011996

“Embrace the Challenge” being “How Children Develop Passive Minds (Part 2 of 3): Motivation, the road to an active mind” by R.N. Whitehead, Ph.D.
“Medi-myth” by Timothy Bloedow
“No Conspiracy?” by George Potter
“Discrimination: The Positive Perspective” by Vaughan Byrnes
“Stoning Nixon” by William H. Peterson Continue reading »

Mar 011996

Making Room For Freedom In The ‘Common Sense Revolution’ Pink Influences in the Big Blue Machine; Don’t throw eggs at Premier, throw roses; ‘Impotent union leadership’ criticized, condemned; Metz debates Hargrove, Manners; National Attention focused on counter-protest to union strike; Committee says ‘NO!’ to Freedom Party; Human Rights Commission likened to Gestapo; Vaughan generating controversy; Rent Control, Medicare, Freedom Briefs, and more! Continue reading »