May 261995


On May 26, 1995, co-anchor Al McGregor of London’s CFPL-TV did a news report about the party leaders on the campaign trail. After coverage of Liberal Leader Lynn McLeod, Progressive Conservative Leader Mike Harris, and NDP Leader Bob Rae, the report continued with coverage of Freedom Party of Ontario’s May 26, 1995 Election Dinner. The dinner was held at the Radisson Hotel on King Street in London, Ontario (now the Hilton Hotel).



Video Details:

Television Station: CFPL-TV (London) – show name not known
News Anchor: Al McGregor
Featuring: Lynn McLeod (leader, Liberal Party of Ontario), Mike Harris (leader, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario), Bob Rae (leader, NDP), Jack Plant (leader, Freedom Party of Ontario)
Recorded: May 26, 1995
Aired: May 26, 1995
Color/BW: Full colour