Jun 011993

The Myth of Fair Taxation; NDP Fair Tax Commission promotes higher taxes; Judge accuses alternate parties of advancing own political agendas; Fp leader defends London landlord against Human Rights commission charges (the banned article!); Alternative parties protest federal restrictions; Education delegation sends message to Queen’s Park; and some more Freedom Briefs. Continue reading »

Jun 011993

1993.metz-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:
In 1993, Inquiry (CFPL TV, London) panelists Robert Metz (President, Freedom Party of Ontario), Louise Karch (Gay Rights Activist), David Brownstone (London AIDS Committee), and Debbie Normand (parent) discuss gay parenting and the defeat of a motion at the London Board of Education to cancel a gay and lesbian parenting workshop from an upcoming family conference. Continue reading »

May 081993

1993-05-08.reflections-dinner-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On May 8, 1993, Freedom Party kicked off its May 9, 1993 political workshop with its “Reflections ’92’93” dinner: a retrospective on Freedom Party of Ontario’s recent political activities. Freedom 200 pins were awarded to the following attendees of the dinner: Joe Byway, Kathy Byway, Carol Fitzgerald, Kim Malcolm, Trudy Moody, Carol Ranzan, Conrad Ranzan, Silvio Ursomarzo, Carol Vandenberg, and Nick Whitehead.

Titled “Horizons”, the workshop was led by Freedom Party of Ontario president Robert Metz. It dealt with abstractions vs. concretes, with the definitions of key terms (e.g., government), and with issues raised by attendees.

The dinner and the workshop were held at the Ramada Inn 401 in London, Ontario. They both were video taped almost in their entirety. Video clips were shown at both the dinner and the workshop, and those videos (with the exception of one titled “Dutch Treat”, which cannot be located) have been integrated into the dinner and workshop videos at the appropriate places. Clip in the dinner video: London nurses all candidates election debate (election 1990). Clip in the workshop video (Part 1): excerpt from “Debate ’94”, concerning which is the moral system, capitalism or communism (featuring Leonard Peikoff, John Ridpath, Jill Vickers, and Gerald Caplan). Clips in the workshop video (Part 2): excerpt from “Family Ties” (re: freedom of speech), and a TV London News item concerning Robert Metz’s allegation that the human rights complaint against London landlord Elijah Elieff were a cover for an attempt to seize the landlord’s buildings. Continue reading »