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“Openers” by Robert Metz
“Can We Survive Democracy – Part 1: The Curse of Majority Rule” by Marc Emery and Robert Metz
“Can We Survive Democracy – Part 2: Freedom Betrayed – The Inevitable Course of Majority Rule” by Robert Metz and Marc Emery
“Can We Survive Democracy – Part 3” by Robert Metz
“No Referendums, Please!” by Marc Emery
“Representing the Individual: Elections in a Free Society” by William Frampton
“The Issue is Consent!” by Robert Metz
“Microcosm” by Marc Emery
“Only Rights Review the Wrongs of Democracy” by Greg Jones
“The World’s Second Democracy” by William Peterson
“For the Record” by Murray Hopper
“Light Humour”

Document Details:

Document: Consent (Special Issue #1)
Document Dated: December, 1990
Publisher: Freedom Party of Ontario
Editor: Robert Metz
Document Type: Journal
Number of Pages: 24
Page dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″
Color/BW: Full colour

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