Jul 311986


FPO’s President Robert Metz calls into the Wayne McLean radio talk show and asks the show’s guest – anti-capitalist poverty activist John Clarke – how jobs are made. Metz also asks Clarke to describe what he thinks is “the better system”. His answer, without naming it: communism.




Excerpt: Robert Metz’s Call:


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Radio Program: Hotline
Host: Wayne McLean
Guests: Robert Metz (president, Freedom Party of Ontario), John Clarke (then founder of the London, Ontario-based “Unemployed Workers Union”, which later led to the formation of his Ontario Coalition Against Poverty in 1989)
Aired: July, 1986
Radio Station: CFPL 980 AM – London, Ontario
Recorded: July, 1986
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URL (Excerpt: Robert Metz’s call) – https://freedomparty.on.ca/archive/audio/1986.07-xx.Metz.John-Clark.radio98.Wayne-MacLean.mp3
URL (whole recording) – https://freedomparty.on.ca/archive/audio/1986-07-xx.Metz.John-Clark.radio98.Wayne-MacLean.complete.mp3