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1985-fpo-radio-thumbAUDIO – DESCRIPTION:
In late 1985, radical feminist Varda Burstyn was the guest of a CBC talk radio show hosted by David Shatzky. The two discussed a book that had just been published (release date: November 28, 1985): Women Against Censorship. Burstyn was the book’s editor. The book contained a number of essays concerning feminist views on pornography and how to combat it. The general message of the book was that pornography should be eliminated not by censorship but by the promotion of feminist ideas. Freedom Party of Ontario’s Robert Metz initially found the topic hopeful – because it was opposed to censorship – but his hopes quickly were dashed: Burstyn was advocating taxpayer funding for the promotion (on air, etc.) of feminism. Metz called in to the show. This is the recording of his call.

Excerpt: Robert Metz


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Radio Program: Not known
Host: David Shatzky
Guest: Varda Burstyn
Aired: late 1985
Radio Station: CBC Radio, Toronto
Recorded: late 1985
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