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Document Description:
Booklet published by Freedom Party of Ontario in July of 1985. Authored by John Cossar, then a member of Freedom Party of Ontario.





Document Details:

Document: We’re In for a $hock with Ontario Hydro
Document Dated: July, 1985
Publisher: Freedom Party of Ontario
Author: John Cossar
Editor: Robert Metz
Document Type: Booklet
Number of Pages: 8
Page dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″
Color/BW: Full colour

Internet Quick Download format: .pdf (searchable image); size: 1.4 MB; URL: https://freedomparty.on.ca/archive/documents/booklets/1985-07-xx.were-in-for-a-shock.internet-quick-download.pdf

Archive format: .pdf (searchable exact); size: 19.5 MB; URL: https://freedomparty.on.ca/archive/documents/booklets/1985-07-xx.were-in-for-a-shock.pdf