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Published by later-to-be Freedom Party Action Director Marc Emery, four issues of the London Metrobulletin were published in 1983 using equipment purchased from the defunct London Tribune newspaper (formerly owned by Marc Emery, Robert Metz, and others).

Contents of Issue #3:
A letter from the Editor; Letters to the Editor; Abortion: Legality, morality, and government involvement (Marc Emery versus Joan Lenardon); What is ‘right’ and ‘left’ anymore? (John Cossar); Bill Peterson and David Davis: Leaders of the same party (Robert Metz); Fireside chats (Herman Goodden); The politics of censorship (Robert Metz); What is a right, anyway? (John Cossar); Parents permitted a school of their choice (Alan E. Wheable); TANSTAAFL (Rob Smeenk); In defence of variety store smut (Marc Emery); Brian Mulroney and Gord Walker: Contradic-Tory’s; Things you can read on the bus.

SPECIAL DOOMSDAY SURVIVAL SUPPLEMENT: Life and death when nuclear war comes to London; How nuclear war will likely happen; What is a nuclear weapon?; Sounds bad? You can survive!; All you ever needed to know about fallout [but were afraid to know]; How to make your own fallout filter and pump; Survival in your shelter; Emerging into your new world; Is London a target?; What can you do to help avert war and ecological disaster?; Civil defence; Myths and falsehoods of nuclear weapons; Glossary; How to make the Kearny fallout meter; Appendix; Fallout map of Southwestern Ontario.

Document Details:

Document: London Metrobulletin (Issue #3)
Document Dated: Not dated. Estimated date: late summer/early spring 1983.
Publisher: Marc Emery
Editor: Marc Emery
Document Type: Newspaper
Number of Pages: 48
Page dimensions: 17″ x 11.375″
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