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Ron Thomas interviews Marc Emery, Doug Phippen, and Gary Webb Proctor about their new weekly newspaper, The London Tribune, which will launch in September, 1980. The paper will be published on Thursdays. The interviewees are asked about the cost of running the paper, its editorial policy and political orientation, and whether the paper will be a platform for Marc Emery’s political efforts.


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Radio Station: CFPL radio (London)
Radio program: Byline
Reporter: Not known
Interview: Ron Thomas
Interviewees: Marc Emery (publisher), Doug Phippen (managing editor), Gary Webb-Proctor (assistant publisher and editor-in-chief)
Aired: August 10, 1980
Recorded: August 10, 1980
Duration: 13 minutes, 39 seconds
File Format: MP3
File Size: 32.8 MB