May 231980

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In this extended news item, Marc Emery explains why he is opposed to the new Business Improvement Area tax in west London, Ontario; he explains that 1/3rd of the number originally queried about imposing the tax are currently opposed to the tax, and that Emery expects to find 85 to 90% of business persons in the area to be opposed to it. He explains that about 300 businesses were needed to oppose the imposition of the tax, and that about 110 did oppose (however, the vast majority of the 850 or so businesses polled about the tax did not respond to the questionnaire, and the absence of their response was taken by the city to be equivalent to a vote in favour of the tax). Emery submits that about 15 or 20 businesses were able to get the tax imposed. He submits that although 800+ businesses will be forced to contribute taxes, only about 30 businesses will benefit from the money spent (the other businesses being too far away from where the money will be spent). A full 6% of the $100,000.00 in tax revenues collected will come from just one of the 800+ taxed businesses: insurer London Life.

This recording is a combination of two recordings, the second – having occurred one day later – was London Mayor Al Gleeson’s response to Emery’s position on the BIA tax. Gleason essentially takes the position that, for those who were out-voted, “too bad”. He takes issue with Emery’s submission about only 30 businesses benefitting. He also explains that the enabling provincial legislation was imposed in 1977 (which was a year in which Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives were in government).

Audio Details:

Radio program: Unknown
Host: “Alan”
Interviewees: Marc Emery, Mayor Al Gleeson
Aired: May 22 and 23, 1980 (according to Lloyd Walker’s notes)
Radio Station: CBC radio
Recorded: May 22 and 23, 1980 (according to Lloyd Walker’s notes)
Duration: 13 minutes, 40 seconds
File Format: MP3
File Size: 32.8 MB