May 151980

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In this news broadcast, it is reported the London Bookstore owner Marc Emery (who, in 1984, would co-found Freedom Party of Ontario) has – like several other business owners in west London – received a notice that he is required to pay a new tax in connection with the founding of a Business Improvement Area. It is reported that he is circulating a petition among other store owners in the area, and that he will refuse to pay the tax. In addition, it is reported that Emery has offered to London’s Board of Control that he will take-over London’s kiosks, which have become over-run with graffiti, if he can keep the advertising revenue that they generate.

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Radio Program: Unknown
Voice: Marc Emery
Aired: May 15, 1980
Radio Station: CFPL AM
Recorded: May 15, 1980
Duration: 1 minute, 27 seconds
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