Jun 072005

“…Freedom Party of Ontario Leader, Paul McKeever, says the government, with the opposition’s assistance, is engaging in a political fraud: that the public is being misled so that they will embrace legislation designed to load government costs onto the backs of employees and private sector employers…” [Click here to read the full release]

Jun 062005


Excerpt from show. This segment began just after hosts Megan Walker and Morris Dalla Costa held a discussion with an administrator a hospital in government monopolize health care system of Ontario, Canada. Freedom Party of Ontario co-founder and president Robert Metz expresses his frustration with the pathetic state of healthcare, and a call for 100% privatization.

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Apr 132005

“…The Harris-Manning proposals are backed by research by well-respected economists”, says McKeever. “And, because many of the bold policies proposed by Misters Harris and Manning virtually mirror those set out by Freedom Party in its provincial and federal election platforms, Freedom Party is feeling somewhat vindicated today…” [Click here to read the full release]