Freedom Flyer #29 Cover

Freedom Flyer 29

the official newsletter of the
Freedom Party of Ontario

March 1996

Table of Contents


  • Fp COVER STORY: Making Room For Freedom In The Common Sense Revolution
  • Newspaper Article: THE OTTAWA TIMES: "Welfare cuts force thousands back to work," Dec 1995
  • Newspaper Article: THE ST. MARYS JOURNAL ARGUS: Opinion: "Don't throw eggs at Premier, throw roses," Dec 6, 1995
  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: Rebuttal: Funding Poverty a Bad Idea
  • Magazine Article: id MAGAZINE: "Pink influences in the big blue machine," Aug 3-16, 1995
  • Newspaper Article: OTTAWA TIMES: "Home builders await rent control fate," Aug 1995

  • Fp FEATURE: 'Impotent Union Leadership' Criticized, Condemned by Fp Counter-Campaign
  • Fp FEATURE: Labour Protests: Metz Debates Hargrove, Manners
  • Magazine Article: id MAGAZINE: "Another Great Union 'Success,'" Jan 11-24, 1996
  • Fp FEATURE: December 11 Labour Protest: National Attention Focused On Taxpayers' Coalition Counter-protest To Union Shutdown
  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Free transit service picks up another route, additional minivans," Dec 9, 1995
  • Letter to the Editor: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Helping innocent not being a scab," Dec 23, 1995


  • Fp FEATURE: Committee Says "NO!" to Freedom Party
  • Fp FEATURE: Two Submissions Presented by LMTC


  • Newspaper Article: THE OTTAWA TIMES: "Human rights commission likened to Gestapo," Sept 1995
  • Fp FEATURE: May 14 Canadian Census: "Mark Me Canadian" Says Voice of Canadians Committees


  • Fp FEATURE: Vaughan Generating Controversy as Public School Board Trustee
  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Equity policy 'racist, sexist,' trustee says," May 17, 1995
  • Fp FEATURE: Education Budget Hearings: Hostile Reaction to Metz Presentation Grinds Hearings to a Halt
  • Newspaper Article: THE STRATHROY AGE DISPATCH: "Education changes needed," June 21, 1995


  • Newspaper Article: THE OTTAWA TIMES: "Experts consider alternatives to medicare"
  • Newspaper Article: THE LONDON FREE PRESS: "Speaker's Corner - A new way to fund health care," May 17, 1995


  • Fp FEATURE: Armstrong Addresses Fp Audience
  • Fp FEATURE: Trench Book a Bestseller!
  • Fp FEATURE: Kimura, Hilborn Elected to UWO Senate
  • Fp FEATURE: Request for Representation Falls on Deaf Ears
  • Fp FEATURE: Still No Justice for Elieff
  • Fp FEATURE: Montgomery Tavern Society Continues to Grow
  • Fp FEATURE: Groups Meet with Harper
  • Fp FEATURE: Metz Keynote Speaker at PGIB/Voice of Canadians Merger
  • Fp FEATURE: Frampton and Frampton Address APEC
  • Fp FEATURE: Census Used Against Us, Metz Tells Voice of Canadians
  • Fp FEATURE: Vaughan, Stevens Support Education Cuts
  • Fp FEATURE: Search for Understanding Produces Lively Discussion
  • Fp FEATURE: 30 Meet to Discuss Freedom Party
  • Fp FEATURE: Fp Executive Changes
  • Fp FEATURE: Walker Offers New Directions for Workers' Compensation Reform
  • Fp FEATURE: Electronic Editions of consent Now Available
  • Fp FEATURE: Publication of Editorial a "Mistake," says Free Press Editor

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