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March 1996

May 14 Canadian Census...


TORONTO (March, 1996) - Freedom Party is putting its support behind Voice of Canadians' upcoming MARK ME CANADIAN campaign. To that end, we are spreading the word and encouraging our members and supporters to participate in their protest. Led by Dick Field, Voice of Canadians is a national affiliation of citizen committees dedicated to issues such as decreased taxation and spending, the elimination of official multiculturalism and official bilingualism, and an end to political correctness through the protection of freedom of speech.


That's why Voice of Canadians has launched its MARK ME CANADIAN campaign. For the first time in Canadian history, Canadians will be forced to provide racial information about themselves in the upcoming MAY 14 CENSUS.

Section 29 of Canada's Statistics Act provides for a fine not exceeding $500 or three months in jail - or both - for "knowingly giv(ing) false or misleading information" on the census forms, whether caused by "refusal or neglect, or false answer or deception."

Without the alarm sounded by groups like the Voice of Canadians, "CANADIAN" may not have been among the available responses on the 1996 census forms. Fortunately, that option is now available.


"Surely one of the most offending actions to be taken by the Liberal government of Canada must be the intent of the government to ask all Canadians their racial origin on Census 1996," says Field. "Why is this dictatorial government doing this? Here is why, in Statistics Canada's own words: 'This information is required for programs under the Employment Equity Act, which promotes equal opportunity for everyone.' "Let us tell this arrogant government that Canadians will not stand for any attempt to divide us by race, ethnicity, or any other designation. It is offensive and against our most deeply held values. "Spread the word. Say NO! to race based Census 1996! Say YES! to 'Mark me Canadian!'" To that end, Voice of Canadians has prepared posters, "cling" stickers. postcard sets, lapel ribbons, and mail stickers to help Canadians voice their objections to the government's racist agenda. Anyone interested in supporting the census campaign is encouraged to contact:

Voice Of Canadians Committees,
P.O. Box 88512, Swansea Postal Outlet,
34 Southport Street,
TORONTO, Ontario, M6S 4Z8.
Tel: (416) 766-0895
Fax: (416) 766-2270

Table of Contents - Mar 1996


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