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Fall 2000

In an article briefly recapping where Ontario's eight officially-registered political parties stand on issues, it is falsely stated that Freedom Party would "abolish fines for environmental polluters."

This was a pure fabrication on the part of the unnamed writer, and the paper was obliged to print a correction (which appeared on June 1, 1999). Unfortunately, the damage had been done.

On the issue of debt/deficit, the paper incorrectly reports that Fp wants to "hold the deficit in check" when party policy is actually to eliminate the deficit entirely. This should have been self-evident, given that our "balanced budget" policy by definition means that there would be no deficit.

Otherwise, the chart is relatively accurate regarding Fp's Election '99 policies, and provides a quick comparison of our policies with those of the other parties.

Sadly, and as usual, FREEDOM itself is never considered even as a minor issue, let alone a major one.

Article electronically reproduced from:

The London Free Press

May 29, 1999

The Parties' stands on major issues



Lobby federal government to make labour exempt from goods and services taxation. Make union membership and dues voluntary. Ban government wage controls and eliminate minimum wage controls because minimum wage is unnecessary.


Believes the budget should be balanced as soon as possible. Hold the deficit in check and reduce debt.


Lower income and sales taxes. Favours tax cuts across the board for all classes. Nobody should have to pay more than two to five per cent of their income to taxes. Raise the basic personal tax exemption. This cannot be done unless health care and education opened up to more options such as privatization. Abolish inheritance taxes.

Health care

Open it up to more private competition. End free health across-the-board health care. Give individuals the right to opt out of OHIP.


Scrap workfare, which displaces jobs and resources. Narrow the definition of poverty to include only those in demonstrable need. Introduce program that limits the length of the term a welfare recipient can receive benefits, but allows them to earn increased income without fear of getting welfare benefits cut. End all rent controls and other price controls on private property.


Supports right of taxpayers to direct their education taxes to the school of their choice, whether public or private. Use of phonics to teach reading, standardized testing. Doesn't believe in any funding formulas for schools.


Abolish fines for environmental polluters. Stop taxpayer funding for abortion. Abolish Ontario Film Review Board and Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Article electronically reproduced from:

The London Free Press

June 1, 1999


Freedom party doesn't want all fines eliminated

The Freedom party doesn't advocate eliminating all fines for environmental pollution, as reported Saturday in a special Free Press section on the provincial election.

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