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Fall 2000

Article electronically reproduced from:

The London Free Press

May 29, 2000

excerpts from Election'99 Voters Guide

Paul Blair


Age: 45

Family: Two sons

Occupation: Firefighter for the City of London for 18 years, now a captain

Community work: Founding member of the Parent Participating Learning Environment (APPLE) at Brick Street public school in London; member of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation; 11 years as an executive member of Freedom Party, currently chief financial officer.

Most important achievement: coming to understand that I, as an individual, must take responsibility for my actions and effect on my neighbours and community.

Why voters should elect me: I am dedicated to working toward a more peaceful and harmonious society, a society in which we are once again treated equally before the law. This can only be done by providing the citizens of Ontario and Oxford with a meaningful alternative to the old political parties that ask us to choose sides and fight against other perceived factions within our own communities.

Lloyd Walker


Age: 45

Family: Married

Occupation: Technical support analyst for Kellogg

Community work: Director of Middlesex London Optimists; Neighbourhood Watch co-captain; Freedom Party leader.

Most important achievement: More important than my own progress and my part in the growth of Freedom Party is to again be able to offer Londoners the opportunity to send an important message. They can send the message that combining the traditionally 'right-wing' commitment to lower taxes and freer markets with the traditionally "left-wing" belief in laws that allow for individual choice on personal and social matters is the blueprint for a better Ontario. Londoners can send a message that the cycle of Liberal-NDP-PC old style govemments has to be broken - for the good of Ontario.

Andrew Falby


Age: 37

Family: Single

Occupation: Property manager, consultant

Community work: Unpaid provincial custodian

Most important achievement: To have the faculty of a truly independent mind.

Why voters should elect me: I believe and live in the concept of man as a heroic being. I believe that wealth is the product of man's capacity to think. When a government forces its constituents to become totally dependent upon them through implementation of their programs and allows accountability to become merely a word without meaning, they become shepherds that promote apathy, complacency and mediocrity. A society of sheep must, in time, beget a government of wolves. Instead, if elected, I believe that our path should be invested into the hands of the individual --- and no one else --- for it is the individual who holds our best hope of getting us out of the mess we're in, if he (or she) can be freed from the tryranny of rapacious, parasitic governments and the terminal stupidity of those politicians, bureaucrats, militant unionists and the scheming looters who penalize the most productive among us.

Wayne Forbes


Age: 58

Family: Married, five children, nine grandchildren

Occupation: Small business owner and landlord; member of Grand Bend harbour committee

Most important achievement: Turned out to be a decent person in spite of a broken home environment and not using it as an excuse.

Why voters should elect me: Because I have the guts to kick political butt, and I'm sick of the government spending your and my money like it is their own, and for all the reasons you can think of for not voting for the so-called big three. Are you fed up enough to do this? Think about it. Vote Forbes, Freedom Party.

Robert Smink


Age: 48

Family: Married, one child

Occupation: Self-employed, C.P. Inc., which employs 60 people

Community work: Municipal candidate once; provincial candidate four times.

Most important achievement: Family; honours B.A. in philosophy and history, University of Waterloo, 1974; founding member of Freedom Party in 1984; World Pop-A-Shot Champ in 1989.

Why voters should elect me: Governments aren't part of the solution anymore, they've become the main problem. Taxpayers now need protection from our own voracious governments. Average Ontarians pay 54 per cent of their incomes to big brother. Centralization, monopolization and bureaucratization, as Harris has done, is only rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. These policies and the progressive taxation to pay for it all kills economic incentive and productivity, drives the economy underground and makes criminals out of anyone trying to avoid this onerous taxation. Freedom Party believes the private sector can do almost anything the government can do, usually twice as well and at half the cost. We believe in fundamental changes to smaller governments, fewer programs and a flat-rate tax system. A vote for us will help send this message to Toronto.

Robert Metz

Freedom Party

Age: 47

Family: One daughter

Occupation: Full-time president, Freedom Party

Community work: Past chairperson, No Tax for Pan Am Committee; executive member of Hold All London Taxes (HALT); executive member, London Middlesex Taxpayers' Coalition; past school board trustee candidate. Most impartant achievement: Successfully defending London landlord Elijah Eileff before an Ontario Human Rights Tribunal; the founding and organization of the Freedom Party.

Why voters should elect me: For people who believe government should be a "referee" in the game, not a player, Freedom Party is the clear choice. Unlike the old parties, we offer something different from simply promising to spend more money on government programs. We believe in combining tax cuts and spending cuts with more individual choice, thus allowing for competition in a host of services, including health care and education. We support lower and flat taxes combined with a higher basic personal exemption. Together, these two measures would do more for those in need than all the government welfare programs combined. Most' important, we put freedom first and will not compromise anyone's fundamental freedoms simply for the sake of a "free" government benefit.

Article electronically reproduced from:

The London Free Press

June 1, 2000

Missing from election tab

Information for the following two Freedom Party candidates was not received in time by The Free Press and, therefore, not included in Saturday's Voter's Guide. The candidate information appears here as it would have in the Voter's Guide.

Jack Plant,

London West

Age: 47

Family: Married with two children

Occupation: fire inspector, London Fire Department

Community work: Past Freedom Party candidate and past party leader education trustee candidate; member London Middlesex Taxpayers' Coalition.

Most important achievement: Raising my family and being a past leader of Freedom Party.

Why voters should elect me: We believe the purpose of government is to protect individual freedom of choice, not to restrict it. The overwhelming government intrusion in our lives can no longer be justified on humanitarian grounds. Innocent, law-abiding people are being ever more restricted by unjust and restrictive legislation, while criminals seem to have more protection from the law than the average person. I encourage everyone who is fed up with politics as usual and with voting for the "lesser of three evils" to support the Freedom Party.

Ray Monteith,


Age: 78

Family: Widower

Occupation: Retired Con-Rail worker

Community work: Local tax fighter and activist; charitable welfare work in the community; local trustee candidate; past candidate for Freedom Party.

Most important personal achievement: With wife Doris, who passed on in 1988, I was a foster parent to 175 children over a period of 20 years.

Why voters should elect me: The more laws we have, the closer we get to becoming a police state. Voters who are sick and tired of the old political parties should know the Freedom Party is their alternative. We must all stand together to protect our fundamental freedoms, or risk losing not only our freedoms, but the benefits governments continually promise us.

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