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Fall 2000

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Scene Magazine

December 16, 1999

Editor in-chief still trying to get 'up to speed' on story

FOR THE FOURTH consecutive Monday, most recently on Dec. 6, Scene's Nov. 4 exclusive cover story on Elijah Elieff's $1.3-million lawsuit against the United Church et al came up on CJBK's Talk of the Town radio show. A caller asked Freeps editor-in-chief Rob Paynter why they're not covering the story. Once again, Paynter said that he's still trying to get up to speed on the story. Rob, what have you got under the hood of that Free Press jalopy? 444-cubic-inches of spaghetti? You've still got writers on staff who covered the Cheyenne apartments' ordeal from the late-'80s to the mid-'90s, plus a librarian who can round-up the old clippings in a heartbeat. Or you can just read about the story in Scene.

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