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The Observer

May 21, 1999

Falby's sheep comparison right on


Re: "F-men prove democracy open to all" (Editorial, the Observer, May 19)

I was most amused by the said editorial. In my view, you mocked Andrew Falby for statements with respect to "society of sheep" and "government of wolves", suggesting that he was an "anti-candidate."

Mr. Falby's speech to the Rotary on May 18 was the first honest political statement I have heard in a number of years. I hope you heard more in his presentation than this. He made points that must be listened to. If comparing his listeners to sheep is what it takes to get the attention of those sheep, then perhaps more of it is necessary and the example should be followed by other candidates.

Mr. Falby pointed out serious issues existing in this province and country. The politically correct yes men/women who are following the party line may be what the "civil serpants" and "wolf-men" desire visible, but it is not what I want to hear.

The blind following of collective thought is leading this country and province down a path of least resistance to nothing short of slavery, where the pork barreling will ultimately bankrupt everyone.

I believe you would be doing a service to your readers if you would print the rest of Mr. Falby's speech as there are words that need to be heard and examples that need to be set.

The mediocrity and complacency clearly evident on the faces of the sheep and in the efforts of the traditional candidates is writing on the wall. Take heed! Resistance is futile!

John C. Schnurr

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