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Fall 2000

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The St. Thomas Times-Journal

June 4, 1999

Fringe candidates analytical in defeat


All three fringe candidates for Elgin-Middlesex-London were philosophical Thursday in analyzing their finishes.

John Fisher, Green Party candidate who finished behind Ray Monteith of the Freedom Party and ahead of independent Corey Janzen, was disappointed at his totals.

He finished with fewer than 500 votes, the number he netted as a federal election candidate.

"My measurement of how I did was the reaction everyone gave me during the campaign. Everyone was honking horns and waving. It didn't translate into votes."

Fisher said he was happy for the performance of Green candidates.

"I think from our standpoint, the Greens are moving along," he said.

Monteith, who enjoyed campaigning and meeting the public, was pleased with his own result, but disappointed to see a majority PC government elected.

"It was a lot of hard work, but fun," he said. "I decided everybody was set in their ways as to who they were going to vote for."

Monteith said he enjoyed his role, speaking at service club luncheons and all-candidate meetings.

"I think I'm able to get people to listen."

The Freedom candidate indicated he was disappointed to see Mike Harris going back to Queen's Park with a majority government.

"I really don't want him to have a lot of power. A lot of people are saying he has to finish what he started."

Monteith confessed that at one time, he was a loyal PC supporter.

"I was a diehard PC and people can't change. Once you belong to a party, it's like belonging to a church."

Janzen, who campaigned as an independent, charted the returns on a break from work at KML Windows in London, Ont.

He admitted to being disappointed at finishing far behind and said he hopes the Tories start showing more consideration for voters in this coming term.

"The decisive difference in this election was that the NDP and Liberals split the vote and the PCs stood alone."

Janzen said he enjoyed his first experience as a candidate.

"I thought it was great. I got to find out a lot about my community. I got to see the election from the other side of the curtain. All of the candidates were good men."

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