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Fall 2000

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The London Free Press

July 24, 2000

Libertarians to converge on London this week

By Brodie Fenlon
Free Press Reporter

Canada is an oppressive, socialist state on the verge of chaos due to high taxes, human rights laws, special interest groups and the government's meddling in private lives.

Surprised? You may want to check out this week's World Libertarian conference at University of Western Ontario, where such radical views on Canada --- long judged by the United Nations as the best country in the world in which to live --- will be debated.

More than 200 self-described freedom fighters from as far away as Russia, Somalia and Costa Rica have converged on UWO's Middlesex College for the conference, which runs today through Thursday.

The forum is sponsored by the California-based International Society for Individual Liberty.

Guest speakers include marijuana crusader and former Londoner Marc Emery, who will speak on civil disobedience as a marketing strategy, and Robert Metz, president of the London-based Freedom Party of Ontario, who will present "20 Years of Media Madness."

Libertarianism is rooted in a deep-seated distrust of organized government. Proponents seek greater individual freedoms, a free market economy and minimalist legislation.

The forum will explore "radical" ideas often quashed by government-controlled media outlets and schools, said conference organizer Mary Lou Gutscher of Toronto.

"The government runs the schools, the media, human rights laws, the anti-racist laws. The government loves power," Gutscher said.

"If you want to learn about free markets or the principles of liberty, you have to find out on your own."

Gutscher said the monopoly created by the Air Canada-Canadian Airlines merger --- sanctioned by Ottawa after a court rejected a foreign-backed bid by Canadian to buy Air Canada --- is a recent example of government abuse.

Closer to home, Gutscher criticized sanctions imposed by Ontario's Human Rights Commission against London Mayor Dianne Haskett in the wake of a 1995 gay pride controversy.

"There are no such things as group rights" in Canada, she insisted --- only individual rights.

The rights commission found Haskett and city council guilty of discrimination for refusing to issue a gay pride proclamation in 1995.

The cost of the conference is $579 US. The public is welcome to attend any of the lectures, Gutscher said, but she refused to discuss costs. For information call 1-800-226-2405.

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