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Scene Magazine

November 18, 1999

I don't know anything about the Elieff suit against Eagle

FREEPS editor Helen Connell appeared on 1290 CJBK's Talk of The Town AM radio show on Mon. Nov. 8 and when asked by a caller why the Freeps hadn't reported Elijah Elieff's $1.3-million lawsuit against Rev. Susan Eagle (now a member of city council), The United Church of Canada, Neighbourhood Legal Services Inc. and The National Bank of Canada (as reported in Scene's cover story of Nov. 4), Ms. Connell replied, "I don't know anything about it...We can't report on every court case ... But I'll take your concerns back to the news-room..." Uh-huh. Numerous copies of each issue of Scene are delivered to the Freeps newsroom and they also received a fax from The Freedom Party of Ontario about the lawsuit on Oct. 21, as did all London media. As well, the husband of Rev. Susan Eagle (Joe Matyas) is a Freeps reporter. In the early-'90s The Free Press ran scores of articles about Elijah Elieff that portrayed him as a racist slum landlord. Now that he's fighting back in the courts, with what is clearly a controversial lawsuit, they ignore the story. Go figure.

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