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Fall 2000

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Scene Magazine

January 13, 2000

1993 annexation a big disaster

Dear Scene:

THE LACK OF NEWS COVERAGE of the Elieff v. Eagle lawsuit is minor compared to the orchestrated 'blackout' on negative information by all media in London during the annexation process in the early -'90s.

It was impossible to get any factual information reported that would reveal how badly the ministry of municipal affairs and its local hatchet men were screwing London-area residents. This should have been the hottest London controversy of the decade, involving rights and freedoms, not to mention the environment and tax money.

Thanks to careful news management, few Londoners understood the scope of the thing (which is still playing out today). Too late to complain now though, just send money dear citizens, for a new bridge for a Sifton development and a mega sewage treatment plant.

Barry, why don't you give us some inside information on this one?

Walter Forbes
London, ON

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