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London Free Press columnist Rory Leishman
London Free Press columnist Rory Leishman

LONDON (October 23, 1999) - With the exception of keynote speaker Rory Leishman, not a single member of the news media showed up for Freedom Party's $50 per plate fundraising dinner held to help London landlord Elijah Elieff with his legal fees incurred in the filing of a $1.3 million lawsuit. However, about 45 Fp members and supporters were on hand to hear Leishman speak on the broader impact of Canada's quasi-judicial Human Rights Commissions, and of the growing number of other victims who have found themselves in the same predicament as Elieff.

As the national affairs columnist for the London Free Press, and as an editorial writer and columnist with other publications including the National Post, Leishman has been calling for the abolishment of Human Rights Commissions for many years. He is among the few editorialists who recognize the inherent danger of such bodies to freedom of expression, thought, belief, and opinion.

"Freedom Party's concern in this case is to address the fundamental injustice of the whole 'Human Rights' process," explained Fp president Robert Metz in an October 21 media release. "It is also important to expose its inevitable misuse by those with a hidden political agenda. No case could be a better illustration of this abuse than this one."

Unfortunately, the lack of any major media coverage has been a major obstacle to getting contributions from the broader public, and nearly all funds raised on behalf of the Cheyenne Court Challenge so far (currently between $5000 - $7000) have been from Freedom Party and Voice of Canadians members and supporters.

Contributors to the cause are still due their copy of Alert! - Uncovering the HIDDEN AGENDAS Behind Ontario's Human Rights Commission, a 40+ page Fp special publication documenting the whole incredible story of Elijah Elieff from the point that Freedom Party got involved in 1993 to the present. Expect your copy sometime before Christmas.


TORONTO (November 16, 1999) - Fp president Robert Metz and columnist Rory Leishman were the two keynote speakers at a Cheyenne Court Challenge fundraiser sponsored by Voices of Canadians. About forty attendees, among them other victims of Ontario Human Rights tribunals, came out to hear both speakers offer their unique perspectives on the effects of so-called "human rights" legislation.

While Leishman repeated the message delivered at Freedom Party's event a few weeks earlier, Metz focused on his role as Elijah Elieff's counsel before the Board of Inquiry. From the assumption of guilt before innocence, to the powers of a Board of Inquiry that may legally award "anything" as compensation to the complainant, Metz painted a picture of a process that is a clear and present danger to the fundamental principles of justice on which any free nation rests.

Citing the absurdity of the labels that have been used in conjunction with 'racial' issues, Metz reminded attendees that "Elieff was charged with 'racism' --- even though the majority of his tenants were Asian. Philip Rushton was labeled a racist --- even though he consistently placed races different from his 'above' his own. John McKellar was labeled 'homophobic' because he formed Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism (HOPE) --- even though he himself is gay. Ernst Zundel and James Keegstra were charged with 'spreading false news' --- even though newspapers and politicians do so on a daily basis. And that is to say nothing of what has happened to a growing number of mayors in this country.

"Having the right to disagree is no longer a freedom we have in Canada," Metz emphasized. "The hidden agenda of those who support so-called Human Rights legislation is twofold: 1) to advance a socialist philosophy based on a redistribution of wealth, and 2) by using labels of 'racism' to stifle and eliminate debate about the former and thus avoid the truth."


As of this writing, Elieff's case is still in 'discovery' stage, which began on September 14, 2000. Many more documents, including affidavits, invoices, financial records, newspaper articles, etc. have yet to be exchanged amongst the various parties involved. After that process is complete, and if there is no settlement or agreement among parties, a jury trial date will be set.

Readers are encouraged to contribute to the on-going battle on Elijah's behalf. It is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking and Elijah simply cannot afford to do it on his own.

Elijah Elieff needs our help!

Donations to help him with his ongoing legal battle can be made payable to:

The Cheyenne Court Challenge
(an account privately and independently administered by Elijah Elieff)

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