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Inside Sarnia

June, 1999


Andrew Falby and six other reasons to vote Tory

Okay, name the leaders of the two mainline opposition parties.

That's what we thought. Howard Hampton and Dalton McGuinty aren't exactly household names. And since the election call they still aren't. Very little will change in the next few days.

Locally, the situation is much the same. Mark Kotanen, a union boss at the jail is the NDP candidate. Aside from a handful of orange election signs few have ever heard from this guy. Can you spell "sacrificial lamb?"

Thought so.

Then there is Caroline DiCocco, candidate of our Liberal mayor and local union agitator Bob Humphreys. Humphreys tells anyone who listens, so far we haven't, that he wants a minority Liberal government with the NDP holding the balance of power so his social agenda can be realized.

With Dalton McGuinty at the helm of the provincial Liberals and our mayor pushing the buttons of the DiCocco campaign there is little doubt that their social agenda will remain exactly that after the election.

Which brings us to David Boushy. Is he a perfect candidate? Don't think so.

David tends to emulate the actions of his leader Mike Harris. Fortunately for David, his leader has more than a passing grade after four years at the helm.

If nothing else Harris has done exactly what he said. He's reduced the annual deficit from $14 billion under Bob Rae (how can we forget him?) to $2.5 billion today. Good but not good enough, especially when one considers that Ontario and NDP controlled British Columbia are the only remaining provinces with annual deficits.

Harris and his provincial Tories have slashed and hacked for four years. He's angered every unionist and left-wing socialist in sight and still can't balance the books. Which brings us to this question. Can you image the financial chaos, if by some fluke, Howard Hampton or Dalton McGuinty were to be elected? Pretty scary.

Speaking of that, Andrew Falby is the Freedom Party candidate in Sarnia. Need we say more?

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