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Fall 2000

The two minute legally mandated CBC 'free time' broadcast below represents a close approximation of the total time the network devoted to Freedom Party or its candidates.

Fp Toronto - Centre - Rosedale candidate Paul McKeever
Fp Toronto-Centre-Rosedale candidate Paul McKeever

2 min Free Time Telecast - CBC
May 18, 1999

Hello, my name is Paul McKeever, and I'm the candidate for Freedom Party in the riding of Toronto Centre-Rosedale.

This election, a Freedom Party candidate will be available to more voters in more ridings than ever before. This may be the first election in which you have had the opportunity to vote for a Freedom Party candidate. Here is why I believe you should do so:

Freedom Party was founded on the best of both liberal and conservative values: personal freedom and individual responsibility. Freedom Party combines a traditionally 'right wing' commitment to lower taxes and freer markets with a traditionally 'left wing' commitment to laws which are non-discriminatory and which allow for individual choice on personal and social matters. It is this balanced, even-handed approach that makes Freedom Party Ontario's fresh new party of the center.

Freedom Party believes that the purpose of government is to PROTECT your individual freedom of choice, NOT to restrict it.

For example, Freedom Party believes that there is something much more fundamentally wrong with our health care system than simple underfunding. If Ontarians are to regain their confidence in Ontario's health care system, they must be given the freedom to give their health care dollar to the health care providers of their choice. With competition in health care, health care providers would have to give us faster, affordable, quality health care.

On education, the major parties all agree that you must be forced to direct your education tax dollars to government-run school monopolies. In stark contrast, Freedom Party would allow you to direct your education dollar to any school of your choice, public or private.

Taxes. So-called 'progressive' tax rates penalize hard working Ontarians. A flat tax, combined with a higher personal exemption, would free you, not only to work hard, but to get ahead.

A vote for Freedom Party would send a powerful message: Freedom WITH responsibility. Find out more about Freedom Party by calling 1-800-830-3301. Or, check out our web site at:

Freedom. Yours to discover. And now available in Ontario.

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