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Fall 2000

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Scene Magazine

January 13, 2000

Last Word

I've Been Smeared by the Coppers!

Chief organizer of last summer's Straight Pride March questions the smear tactics of the London Police Service; they've publically called him an "urban terrorist"

Raphael Bergmann

THE LONDON POLICE SERVICE has publicly accused me of operating as an "urban terrorist" who is "potentially violent" and a "significant threat to members of minority groups targeted" and to the community-at-large.

The London Police Service also says that they are dedicated to community service. However, I do not understand why they are out to "keep an eye" on me for my "beliefs." I have been a law-abiding, productive citizen of London for over 20 years.

What the London police know (but fail to tell you through the media) is that I have assisted them in the past by consulting them before making a citizen's arrest and creating a safe environment for several public events I've organized. I've earned police praise for single-handedly protecting a crowd of bar patrons from an armed assailant. I've also assisted in the police apprehension of a man who had assaulted an elderly citizen before 1999's Straight Pride event. I've also been honoured to represent London by participatng in the Olympic team trials.

I was the conduit that fashioned the peaceful concept of Straight Pride and spoke my mind against the non-elected 'human rights' commission for lording over and penalizing our community, its city council and mayor.

I've supported Mayor Dianne Haskett by letting her know my feelings about her views on proclaiming Gay Pride Week. Am I asking for applause? No, I am telling you I am not an urban terrorist but rather dedicated to community sevice. The London Police Service knows this.

MAILBOX CANCELLED: Since I have been publicly labelled an urban terrorist by the police, I have experienced acquaintances avoiding me, or trembling in fear as I've tried to talk to them during simple, daily tasks such as checking my mailbox --- a service which has been mysteriously cancelled, despite the fact that I have never been charged with an offence.

As a result of my ordeal, I am forced to stay in London and publically defend my name and reputation. I have had to call my father, who lives in westem Canada, to explain to him why I've not been able to visit him this winter.

My new website, reveals the travesty of justice that local police powers used to further a political agenda, at the expense of lives and Charter-enshrined Canadian rights. I invite you to follow my case as it develops in the courts, as I fight for the right of all of us in a free and democratic country to exercise our rights as citizens to discuss issues and speak our minds freely.
Last November, Raphael Bergmann, along with several other individuals, was ordered by the London police to come to the cop shop for a 'friendly' Sunday afternoon interrogation about their so-called "extreme right-wing beliefs." Mr. Bergmann refused the offer to be interrogated, as did the others. Can anyone blame them?

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