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The book "Creating Winning Web Sites with e-Quality : Guidelines for Canadian Politicians" (ISBN 1-55303-003-0), is being produced. As an aid to all politicians in Canada, this guidebook is citing well designed pages within the political community. Included in our examples is a link to your page,

We want to make sure our links are current for as long as possible. Are there plans in the immediate future to move, remove, or structurally modify this page? If the page is moving, what is the new URL? If there is a foreseeable change in this page, could you please notify me.

Eric Letts, e-Quality, Ottawa Ontario, March 29, 1999

We are honoured to be included in your book. Rest assured that we are not planning to restructure our home page or alter our URL. Maintaining a registered, permanent domain address was one of the first principles we adopted when creating our site. It is our hope that, notwithstanding any technological changes that would dictate otherwise, we will be able to continue using our web site address for many many years into the future. [rm]

Originally published: Freedom Flyer 34

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